Myth of Aging: Managing Chronic Pain

The Myth of Aging

Myth of Aging: Managing Chronic Pain

4 Week Zoom Workshop Wednesdays
April 7th – 28th 6-8pm

Many of us believe that living with chronic pain is an inevitable by-product of past injuries, repetitive work and sports activities. We tend to believe that even aging itself causes us to become stiff and ache.

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) is a neuromuscular re-education of the body and nervous system that can relieve chronic pain and enhance performance by restoring posture. By retraining movement patterns, HSE helps alleviate painful musculoskeletal conditions and prevents recurring injuries. Hanna Somatic exercises are easy to learn and are often immediately effective.

• Date & Time: Wednesday 
• Cost 
• Instructor: Renee Lindquist CHSE


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