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New Study Shows Pandiculation Relieves Lower Back & Neck Pain


“OMG! I had my first appointment with Renee. Thank you for mentioning her! I found out more about my body in 90 minutes with Renee than I have in decades! I feel so much better after one appointment I can hardly believe it ”
Lynn, Stillwater MN

“Renee’s knowledge, calm demeanor, and genuine concern about everyone’s well-being really opened a door for me to an approach that anyone can apply to his or her own life for improvement in daily movement.”
Harlan, Stillwater MN

For years, I tried physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, and acupuncture for chronic tightness/pain in my neck and shoulders that caused tingling and numbing in my hands. I got some relief, but it was temporary. I was told I would just need to live with this condition and get more frequent treatment. It wasn’t until I saw Renee for Clinical Hanna Somatic Education that things really started to change. Renee empowered me with the knowledge and awareness of what was happening in my neck and shoulders (and other parts of my body) and gave me hope that we could create positive lasting change- and we did!! The chronic tightness is gone!! I understand so much more about my body and how this condition was created, and I have exercises I can do anytime to prevent the pain from returning.  It is so empowering to work with Renee. She listens carefully, works collaboratively, and teaches you how to heal yourself. Anytime I have physical pain, I return to Renee to learn how to heal it. I am so grateful for Clinical Hanna Somatic Education and Renee!
– Lucy P., Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

“Renee helped me work through a lower back and shoulder issues, both of which I had for over a year. She gave me tools that will help me in the future to maintain and improve my new pain free life. It was very freeing to not feel pain in my shoulder for the first time in over a year!”
Shannon Hudson, WI

Transforming Your Pain Into Fluid Movement

A Non-pharmaceutical approach to Pain

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) Therapy  works with the motor-sensory loop​ by gently resetting the resting tone of your muscles. When we experience physical or emotional trauma, muscles chronically contract causing less optimal movement patterns and pain. HSE therapy teaches you to take control of your pain and immobility by learning slow, and gentle exercises that awaken our brain’s awareness to new muscle patterns. Allowing you increased mobility, less pain and freedom to do the activities you enjoy!

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