What Client’s are saying about
Hanna Somatic Education Therapy for Chronic Pain

  • Renee helped me work through a lower back and shoulder issues, both of which I had for over a year. She gave me tools that will help me in the future to maintain and improve my new pain free life. It was very freeing to not feel pain in my shoulder for the first time in over a year! Shannon
  • ​​”Got up this morning could barely move. Did the exercises and feel great!” Judd
  • My orthopedic Dr. at Mayo asked, “What did you do?” when noting my progress in reversing the effects of osteoporosis. “Somatics” was the answer I gave! I have participated in various PT programs over the years but nothing has helped me as much as Hanna Somatic Education with Renee!   Paulette
  •      “I must thank you again for helping me on the road to sustained recovery.  Somatics has been the only thing in the last 4-5 years that has given my right buttock, hip, and lower back relief.  It’s amazing how normal I feel!!  Instead of a consistent 7-8, I’m at at 1-2 now.  I know I’m on the right track, again thanks to you.  The renewed vitality and lower body mobility is truly a blessing.Keep up the great work.  You’re wonderful!!  Sue 
  • After years with a lower back issue that limited exercise, Somatics has been a revelation — an effective way to gently rebalance through mindful movement.  These techniques have given me an avenue for managing my back problem so I can finally be more active again.  Thanks for your expert guidance and encouragement, Renee.”

  • 6 months ago when I met Renee as my Somatic teacher, I could barely walk up the stairs to the studio. I was in pain every day, all day long, and really felt defeated by back problems that lingered after an L4-5 fusion. I had to rest after 10 minutes of work. Now, I am able to practice the Hanna Somatic assignments for a full hour, I find relief from pain, and have extended periods of time where I am standing tall, and feel like I am back in my body looking toward a future of more movement and strength. Renee is an excellent teacher. I am so grateful.  Karen  
  • I had constant lower back pain but after 3 private sessions with Renee she showed me things that I can do to get rid of the pain.  She knew exactly what was causing the pain and since I saw Renee I have not had any lower back pain since.  Joe
  • Attending Renee’s Hanna Somatic Education sessions has changed my life!   She has many options to find the best exercise for your body, so you learn something new each class.   I love doing my Soma exercises and living pain free! Bonnie
  • “Renee gets to the root of your mobility issues and retrains your mind and body to fix the problem. She discovers muscles not working for you, then helps you to mentally connect with them and begin the process of their rehabilitation and ongoing conditioning. I have felt better for the first time in years, actually decades, and now have a new foundation upon which to build my overall fitness.”​Carl
  •  I started a 3 month series of somatics sessions with Rene which began with me hobbling up a flight of stairs to the studio, left leg in continuous pain and losing strength due to the pain, and ending 3 months later with me standing up straight, and walking with almost 85-90% reduction in pain in my upper left leg. Rene taught me a series of movements that isolated the different key muscle groups of my body. I started doing a basic set of somatic movements every morning after waking up. I continued doing the movements after stopping my one-on-one work with Rene and got better and stronger and was able to return to my cardio work with my swimming, bicycling, and skiing in the winter.  I started going to Rene’s Hanna Somatics and yoga classes to gain more knowledge about Somatics because I am a true believer in the need for we humans to understand the brain body connection and how our sedentary ways as modern day humans works to counter our body’s natural ways of movement. Rene’s somatics knowledge, calm demeanor, and genuine concern about everyone’s well-being really opened a door for me to an approach that anyone can apply to his or her own life for improvement in daily movement. Harl

​Therapeutic Yoga Classes

  •  “I entered my first class very nervous because I was not physically fit and only had beginner yoga experience 11 years ago. Renee made me feel so welcome!  Her teaching style not only was wonderful for me as a beginner but the more advanced students in the class were satisfied as well. She verbally explains and gently corrects postures for all levels of experience. Her warmth and kindness keeps me coming back. I am so much stronger and more flexible than I was months ago and I look forward to improving even more with Renee’s help and support. I was a person who hated exercise but Renee’s classes taught me to find peace and strength in both my mind and body.”   Dana  – student
  • “When I think of Renee, the phrase which comes to my mind is that she is ‘the real deal’. In and out of the classroom her gentle spirituality, rich  yoga practice and joyful, honest personality are offered to all. She meets people where they are at and draws the best out of them–she  encourages her students to both own their practice as it is as well as stretch it through exploration of new postures in a fun encouraging atmosphere.”   Lisa – Student
  • “Renee is one of my all time favorite yoga instructors.  None of her classes are ever the same, but they are always exactly what I need.  She challenges me to push myself yet always respects my limitations. I have capital tunnel & had stopped practicing until I talked with Renee. She helped me to modify by working off of my forearms. I am so grateful for her knowledge & approach to yoga.”  Carla – student
  • “I have enjoyed Renee’s Yoga instruction for many years.  What I have come to really appreciate about her instruction is how she takes tiime during a class to adjust your form and how she shares information throughout the class how each position benefits your body.  I have been practicing Yoga for over 6 years and always learn something new when I am in one of Renee’s class.”    Margaret – Student