About Renee

About Renee

Since 2014 Renee has helped people find freedom from pain with simple, easy to learn movements.

Renee has been a beloved yoga teacher in the St. Croix Valley since 2004. In 2013, after years of teaching yoga, Renee suffered a painful back injury. Her search for pain relief took her through various channels of western medicine but nothing seemed to help. Then she found a Yoga Therapist practicing Hanna Somatics Therapy. It was there that Renee found not only relief from pain but also more freedom in her body than she had experienced in a long time. In 2015 Renee received her 500 Hour Teacher Training Certification in SomaYoga Therapy. Since then, she has been passionate about helping people in chronic pain. Renee draws from a wide variety of Hanna Somatic Education, Yoga therapy and Clinical Nursing experiences. She works on the premise that people need to understand the “why” of something and experience those benefits before they will choose to apply it on their own. Ultimately, Renee helps clients in chronic pain overcome fear with curiosity and education about their bodies. Renee gives them tools to understand and release their pain. As clients begin to replace fear with curiosity, their fear melts away and once again they learn to trust their bodies.

With a desire to continue to help more people in chronic pain, in 2017 Renee enrolled in the 3 year program at the Hanna Somatic Education Institute and Research Center in Navato, Ca. where she continues her Somatic Education.
Renee teaches  Hanna Somatic Education Workshops, Classes and offers Private Hanna Somatic Sessions for pain management and increased mobility
In May of 2018 Renee opened Somatic Center, LLC in Stillwater, MN where she continues to treat people in chronic pain.


Pain Management
Hanna Somatic Education – 2017-2020
• 500 hour SomaYoga Therapy – 2015

ERYT 200 /500 Hour Soma Yoga Therapy – 2004-2018
In 2003, Renee attended a class and discovered Yoga to be her life’s passion. Formal training followed in several areas. Renee has studied under Darren Main, Rodney Yee, Doug Swenson, Jim Bennitt and many local Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar teachers. Thorough knowledge and skillful teaching has opened the development of a mentorship program offered for yoga instructors. These relationships have added a depth to the healing effect Renee brings to the St. Croix Valley community.

Nursing – 1983
In her early professional years, she practiced as a nurse at hospitals, home care, hospice and healthcare organizations. As her career evolved, she began to develop health education curriculum for High Schools, which led to the public speaking circuit.

Group Fitness Instruction Certified – 2000
When her family moved to Stillwater, Mn., Renee started leading classes in health clubs. During this time she became competitive in Nordic Ski marathons as well as local triathlons. Ever since her involvement with healthcare began, she has had a continuing passion for personal well-being.

MoonFlower Bags – 2012
As co-founder and owner, she explored a grassroots operation of creatively re-purposing fabric into functional, eco-friendly products.

Somatic Center, LLC – 2018
​Founder Owner